The purpose of this site is two-fold. First, I want to demonstrate the features of Bannerzest to Rapidweaver Forum participants. Second, I need practice buiding a web site!! (which will become apparent if you stick around a while!) Also, the screencasts accessible further down the page are my first attempt at screencasts so go easy on me!

I’ve become an RW forums junkie! While reading the forums, I’ve encountered a lot of interest in Bannerzest on recent threads. I think it’s a great application and I hate to pay full price for anything so I thought I’d try to swing a deal for those of you contemplating purchasing or upgrading this application. I’ve made arrangements with the good folks at, developers of Bannerzest and Bannerzest Pro, to offer a special discount on all their Bannerzest products to RW forum participants. They’ve set up a special webpage, not accessible through normal channels, to offer us some nice discounted pricing. I already own the Pro version of this app as well as another of their apps, PlulpMotion Advanced. This is NOT an affiliate scheme where I get a “cut” of every purchase.

I have created this web site using a different Rapidweaver theme on each page. (This page is Dave Cantu’s DCComic theme which I’ve been dying to use for something!) I thought that by “spreading the love” and using a hodge-podge of different themes from different developers it might give you a better feel for how Bannerzest might fit into your project. I’ve incorporated banners into some themes in the main body of the page and in others I’ve used a banner in the sidebar. Once more, this is to give you a feel for some of the possibilities. Since each Rapidweaver theme has its own particular navigation style, navigating though this site with multiple RW themes will not be as straight forward as it might be with a “professional” web site. However, it IS possible to go directly from each page to another page of your choosing.... you might just have to play a bit to find the way. But don’t let this deter you. Dig in and enjoy.

I’ve created a couple of screencasts for this product. The first is a general overview of the application and some of the variations and settings. It runs about 5 miniutes and can be viewed here. The second screencast is the real-time building of a banner which is now incorporated into one of the pages in this site. This screencast runs about 15 minutes (yawn) and can be viewed here. And no, I’m not going to make you sit through either screencast to get the link to the discounted pricing page. If you want to jump there right away, the link is here. We have NOT yet decided on an expiration date for this offer but it is definitely a limited-time deal.

click to
At the site you can download a demo version of both the standard and Pro applications. The demos are fully-functional versions of the applications until you go to publish. There is a large watermark across your published product in the demo versions but you will be able to see what your banner would actually look like without publishing. Even if you decide not to purchase, I think you’ll agree that they are very cool applications with intuitive controls. So, go on, give ‘em a try! Click the image to the left for a comparison of regular price vs our discounted price.

So crack open a cold one and spend a few minute here with me.

Weave on!